013. Segnalazione libro: Place and Spirit in Taiwan

Tudi Gong in the stories, strategies and memories of everyday life

Alessandro Dell'Orto

RoutledgeCurzon, London & New York 2002

Tudi Gong, the ‘spirit of place’ in Taiwan, has been given a disproportionately small place in anthropological and sinological studies, given its prevalence and popularity among the people of Taiwan. Based on extensive fieldwork in Taiwan, this book examines the cult of Tudi Gong both as a religio-social phenomenon and as an appropriate medium for exploring and analysing the changes that have been occurring in contemporary Taiwan, and the people’s strategic adaptations to these changes.

In this comprehensive ethnography of Tudi Gong, the author engages in a theoretical discussion of the practices, processes and strategies of ethnography and ethnographic writing, and contributes to the construction of an anthropology of place by analysing a number of key concepts related to the notion of place and space. The study combines the use of personal ethnography with raconteurs’ own accounts as a way of tracing senses of place and memories of the past. This is a pioneering foundation text for an anthropology of non-domestic place and space, and brings the most important recent work of social geographers into the field of anthropology.

11 ottobre 2008