015. Benvenuto al Prof. Ren Dayuan


Il Centro Studi Cinesi dell'Università Urbaniana da il suo più caloroso benvenuto al Prof. Ren Dayuan (Institute of Chinese Culture, Chinese Academy of Arts, Beijing, China) in Italia per un periodo di studio e di ricerca. Nel mese di dicembre 2008 il Prof. Ren presenterà una conferenza per il nostro Centro il cui tema, luogo e orario saranno debitamente annunciati su questo blog.

Ren Dayuan finished his postgraduate studies in 1981 at China Northwest University. For several years he was engaged in teaching and research on the history of Chinese thought at the same University. Since 1997 he has been Professor at the Institute of Chinese Culture, Chinese Academy of Arts in Beijing, China. In the past ten years Prof. Ren has carried out research on the cultural exchange between China and the West since Ming dynasty. He is currently the vice editor of the International Sinology Journal in Beijing. Among his many publications we mention: An intellectual history of Chinese Ruxue 中国儒学思想史; Mencius 孟子; An intellectual history of China 中国思想史.

26 Ottobre 2008