014. Benvenuto alla Prof.ssa Henrietta Harrison

Il Centro Studi Cinesi dell’Università Urbaniana da il suo più cordiale benvenuto alla Professoressa Henrietta Harrison (Harvard University) che svolge ricerche di archivio e di biblioteca nella nostra Università. Nel mese di novembre 2008 la Professoressa Harrison presenterà una conferenza per il nostro Centro il cui tema, luogo e orario saranno debitamente annunciati su questo blog.

Henrietta Harrison received her PhD in 1996 from Oxford University, where she then spent three years as a junior research fellow, before moving to the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Leeds. Since 2006 she has been Professor of History at Harvard University. Her research has concentrated on the social and cultural history of modern China. Her dissertation, which was published as The Making of the Republican Citizen (Oxford, 2000) was on large national themes, looking at the spread of modern social and ritual practices among the Chinese modernising elite in the early 20th century.
However, for the past ten years she has worked mainly on the history of the poor, inland province of Shanxi looking at it first through the eyes of a traditional Confucian scholar living out his life in a rapidly modernising world (The Man Awakened from Dreams, Stanford 2005), and now through the history of a small group of villages that were founded by Chinese Catholics in the late 17th century and are still Catholic today.
14 ottobre 2008