089. Invito

Giovedì 21 marzo 2013 alle ore 10.30
il Centro Studi Cinesi dell'Università Urbaniana è lieto di invitarvi alla

V Lectio Magistralis di Studi Cinesi 2013

Tenuta dal Professore

Stephan Feuchtwang
Department of Anthropology & Asia Research Centre,
London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Il titolo della Lectio è:

Hospitality to ghosts: a Chinese question and a challenge to humanity

Hospitality is a human universal. It has been taken up by the philosopher Jacques Derrida, projecting this institution of all human cultures, onto the scale of humanity itself. But as it is performed in practice, hospitality is a strikingly ambivalent institution. I shall explore the particular ambivalence of hospitality to gods and ghosts in contemporary China. From there I will give the example of a remarkable Vietnamese hospitality to the ghosts of hostile strangers and ask whether, as the ethnography by Heonik Kwon suggests, it could stand as an exemplar of international relations or of universalised hospitality. The commemoration (or disavowal) of mass deaths as historical events is contrasted to the individuation of what were anonymous ghosts, leaving us with a conundrum for everyday and necessarily local ethics and clashes between different universalisations of empathy with suffering.

La Lectio è in inglese con traduzione simultanea in italiano

La Lectio si terrà
nell'auditorium Giovanni Paolo II
della Pontificia Università Urbaniana
in via Urbano VIII, 16
00165 Roma

  14 febbraio 2013